So you want to be a Real Estate Investor?

markpicOk. So I am, like, an old man already and I have been making a living as a real estate developer and investor for 25 years or so now.  I go to “educational” seminars from time to time where people are paying good money to learn to become “investors”. But most of the time those classes fail them pretty badly. By that I mean that they never earn enough from their subsequent investments to pay for the classes they took.

I am a big believer that you learn by doing. Wanna be an Investor? Put some money on the line and buy something already.

There is an old joke that goes, “What do you want in a business partner?”

Good Judgement

And how does one get Good Judgement?


And what does Experience consist of?

Bad Judgement

So in close to 30 years in this business I’ve occasionally had some amazingly bad judgement. And I’ve had some times where I got it right. But what I have learned most of all is that most of what they teach you in those weekend seminars is either too simplistic, too theoretical or just plain wrong.

Through it all I have been delighted at the freedom that being a self-employed real estate entrepreneur has given me.

So, check in from time to time. Add some comments. Ask some questions. Share a deal (or participate in one of mine). Hopefully we can make some money together.